kristinglassescloseupsmallKristin Davis is a Feminist, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and former Wall Street Hedge Fund Vice President. In a past life she was best known as the Manhattan Madam who supplied Governor Eliot Spitzer with escorts. In 2008, she was convicted of 1 count of promoting prostitution in the 3rd degree and served 4 months in Rikers Island, also forfeited all of her assets.

Now Kristin Davis is back and she is a candidate for New York City Comptroller. Davis spent 10 years as Senior Vice President of a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, she has the financial management and expertise to be an effective fiscal watchdog for New York taxpayers.

Davis advocates the legalization, regulation and taxation of Marijuana in New York. 20 states have now reformed their drug laws. New York would take in $1.8 B in new revenue and save $390 Million a year spent on arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating people for this non-violent “crime”. We sell regulate and tax tobacco and alcohol, both more damaging to pubic health that pot.

Davis also wants to end the stop and frisk policies of the New York Police Department which has become a de facto program for arresting African Americans for the possession of small amounts of marijuna. In the meantime, Davis support Governor Cuomo’s propopsal to decriminalize the posession of small amounts of marijuana as the City of Philadelphia has.

As a feminist, business woman and libertarian, Kristin Davis supports a smaller less expensive government, against more spending and borrowing and against higher taxes on the working people of New York City.

Davis ran for Governor of NY 2010 as a protest candidate on a Libertarian platform. She is a critic of sexism in our Criminal Justice System and strong advocate of Marriage Equality and legalization and taxation of Marijuana, now running non-profit-HOPE HOUSE to combat sex trafficking and help women who are forced to a life of prostitution against their will.

Kristin Davis is a member of the NY Libertarian Party.