NEW YORK, NY:Kristin Davis, Libertarian candidate for NYC Comptroller, who once ran the city’s largest escort service in a previous life, today backed Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota’s proposal to have the NYPD print the names of Johns when women are arrested for working as prostitutes in NYC.

“For too long we have sent the female sex workers to jail but their customers have walked free without repercussions” said Davis. “If we are going to prosecute prostitution then women and their male customers must be treated equally under the law”.

“Although I have endorsed no candidate for Mayor, I think Mr. Lhota’s proposal to have the NYPD publish the names of Johns would help dry up the prostitution trade in New York City” said Davis who served for 10 years as a Senior Vice President of a Hedge Fund on Wall Street.

“Ultimately I favor the decriminalization of prostitution for sex workers because I believe it would help end sex trafficking” said Davis. “The fear of jail along with drugs and violence is the tool pimps use to keep women under control. Mr. Lhota’s proposal is a step in the right direction but decriminalization of prostitution is the next logical step to end underground sex trafficking of women and children in New York State.”

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