kirstin_davis_for_nyc_mayor_in_2013_button-p145405199777284871b7akc_400CHRISTINE QUINN PROPOSES MASSIVE SPENDING INCREASES TO BUY VOTES

The New York City Democratic primary for Mayor is becoming a “new program and spending orgy” as liberal Democrats Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, Bill Thompson and John Liu scramble to get the left of each other and promise everybody everything. The Liberal pandering is obvious and vile. They seek to buy our votes with our own money.

Billionaire John Catsimatidis has announced but made no serious issue proposals.  He seems like a nice man and the neighborhood grocer.

Former MTA boss Joe Lhota seems like a good manager and has some libertarian views including the legalization of marijuana but he seems to busy fighting with Guy Molinari to mount a serious campaign.  Who will save New York from returning to the liberal Democratic leadership that made New York City a crime infested sinkhole only a few decades ago?

When it comes to outrageous spending proposals that New York City taxpayers cannot afford no one can top New York City Council President Christine Quinn. Never mind the fact that Quinn already got caught with a multi-million dollar “special member items slush fund” which is really just multi-million dollar pork that the City Council President hands out to grubby City Council members seeking to spread the money in their districts in order to be reelected.  If I were Mayor I would close this slush fund and save the taxpayers millions.090728-Quinn-BN07-600

Now, however, Quinn even outdoes herself by proposing an additional $1.5 billion in debt to pay for a slew of new social programs.  In her new role as Santa Claus, Quinn would spend $300 million a year on housing programs, $50 million dollars to expand a child care tax credit and an addition $50 million to expand the city’s adult education programs.  Quinn’s pandering to buy votes is disgusting.

I think Quinn is playing games when she says her staff has identified enough budgetary cuts to pay for these profligate new spending programs.  What Ms. Quinn has really done is lay the groundwork for a massive property tax increase which will serve to drive jobs and residents out of New York City and make all parts of the city less attractive as a place to live, work, and raise a family, never mind run a business.

Not to be outdone, Clinton apparatchik and union stooge Bill de Blasio, a man who would actually snag millions in special interest pork from the aforementioned “special member items slush fund” for special interests in his district and then have them convert a portion of the cash to campaign contributions. Talk about gaming the system!  This is the same Bill de Blasio who was paid by the Working Families Party to lobby the New York City Council while a member of the New York City Council.  De Blasio is demanding universal pre-K education programs funded by a five-year income tax increase on New Yorkers making $500 thousand or more. $150 Million price-tag.

Neither Quinn nor de Blasio has any idea what creates jobs or prosperity.  They have no idea how to foster economic opportunity or growth.  Property tax increases merely get passed on to renters in NYC meaning every tax payer gets to save less, invest less or spend less completely stifling economic growth.

As someone who worked as the Vice President of Operations a $2 Billion Hedge Fund, I made a nice living on Wall Street before opening the escort agency that supplied high-end call girls for Attorney general and Governor Eliot Spitzer. I know how the economy works.  I’ve read Von Mises, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek.  I understand the barriers to growth and what creates wealth.  I think economic growth is paramount.  I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

In 2010 I ran for Governor as a protest candidate.  I freely admit that an aspect of my campaign was to point out the inequities in our criminal justice system that required me, a woman, to be remanded to Rikers Island for four months while Eliot Spitzer, our Chief Executive Officer, violated both federal money laundering laws and the Mann act, prohibiting the transportation of a prostitute over state line, walked.  I also advocated gay marriage equality when its future in New York was still in doubt, the legalization of casino gambling and legalizing prostitution.  In addition, I advocated the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana as a new revenue source that could generate billions. Running was a great experience.

My, how I was ahead of my time. 

Andrew Cuomo, to his credit, provided the leadership for gay marriage equality.  Casino gambling has passed the New York legislature and Governor Cuomo wants to decriminalize marijuana.Kristinsuitthumb

I have made no secret about the fact that I will formally announce as a candidate for Mayor of the Libertarian Party ticket.  I will be the low tax, jobs, spending cut candidate, while the Democrats propose an orgy of new spending and higher taxes.  I want to legalize and tax marijuana not just decriminalize it.  I oppose the “racist” stop and frisk policies by the NYPD which are unconstitutional, I want a casino in New York City not just upstate and I want pension reform to end the rip-off by public employee unions of hard working New York taxpayers. A realist, I want to decriminalize prostitution as the best way end sex trafficking based on my unique perspective on the “worlds oldest profession.” I favor deep business tax cuts and will call on Governor Cuomo to cut state income tax rates.

I oppose the ban on 16 oz. sodas and will break the law drinking one in my announcement press conference.  This is the Nanny State taken to the extreme.  Mayor Bloomberg should not decide what we eat and drink or subject us to a body search without probable cause, a sad erosion of our civil liberties. Big Brother is upon us.

So look out Christine Quinn.  You won’t be the only lady in the race because I am going to throw my brassiere in the ring.


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