33223_Davis For Mayor_rev2FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Date: July 8, 2013
Contact: Andrew Miller 646-373-9808


NEW YORK-Kristin Davis, the ex-madam who supplied escorts to Eliot Spitzer and was sentenced to 4 months in Riker’s Island and later collected the 15,000 signatures necessary to run as a protest candidate for Governor of NY in 2010, announced today that she would oppose former Governor Eliot Spitzer for the office of New York City Comptroller.

“Eliot Spitzer broke state and federal laws in his use of prostitutes and paid no penalty; I broke the law and paid my debt to society. There cannot be two standards of justice, one for the average citizen and another for the political and social elite” said Davis, a former Wall Street Hedge Fund Vice President who once ran the largest
escort service in the country.

“Eliot Spitzer financed his 2 Campaigns for Attorney General with illegal loans from his father, misused state resources to spy on his political opponents in Troopergate, pressured companies to hire his cronies as a conditions of settling charges with the Attorney Generals Office and violated Federal money laundering laws when he sought to hide his use of call-girls” said Davis. “ This is our next City Comptroller?”

“I have more financial management experience than either Eliot Spitzer or Scott Stringer” said Davis “ They are both career politicians looking to use the office of Comptroller as a stepping stone to higher office.”

Davis said she would unveil a proposal to solve the city’s projected $2.2 Billion deficit by legalizing, regulating and taxing Marijuana. Davis also proposes abolishing the member items program in which the City Council President doles out millions to non-profit organizations controlled by state and city politicians.  “ This is merely a multi-million dollar slush fund so that politicians can employ their cronies and family members.” said Davis.

Davis pointed out that she filed with the New York City Campaign Finance Board as a candidate for Comptroller on June 10th and was planning to run for Comptroller on a Libertarian platform prior to Spitzer’s announcement of candidacy.

Davis must file at least 3,750 signatures to qualify for the ballot. Davis has already filed to qualify for the New York Campaign Finance Board matching fund program.

“I look forward to the debates where I have many questions for Eliot Spitzer” said Davis.

For more information on Kristin Davis’s campaign for Comptroller got to http://www.davis2013.com

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